4 Ways to Prevent Client Falls

4 Ways to Prevent Client Falls

Posted on December 11, 2014 by ecrBayArea in Caregiver Education, Education, Fall Prevention, Home Care Non-Medical, Home Health Care (Medical)

Author: Vanessa Kettler

As an experienced educator in the field of fall prevention and balance improvement, I am especially interested in ways the home health industry can foster a reduction in client falls. Falls certainly influence whether your clients can remain in their own home. I recently published an article on the subject on my blog. Here is one of the suggestions from that article:

Be careful talking with your clients while walking because if you do they will turn and look at you. This is high fall risk behavior. Teach your client to look in the direction they are walking and not at you. I’ve been viewing internet photographs of caregivers with their elder clients and found that an overwhelming majority of photos show the senior looking at their companion instead of where they are going. It is sweet and sociable BUT it is very dangerous. Don’t encourage it.

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