Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is ElderCare Resources®Bay Area?

ElderCare Resources® Bay Area is owned and operated by Senior Care Advisors LLC, based in Sonoma, California. The company operates two other businesses in the elder care space including Senior Care Authority, a senior residential placement service in the Bay Area and SCAnetwork, a training and support program for senior placement agencies nationwide. Frank Samson, founder of the company, is a Certified Senior Advisor, hosts “The Aging Boomers” radio show and writes educational articles for newspapers as well as his own blog.

The company is dedicated to empowering local area seniors, their caregivers and healthcare professionals to obtain the knowledge and resources needed to provide quality care and services for an aging relative, friend or patient.

Is this Advertising?

This is not like placing an ad, but rather we are offering memberships to this revolutionary elder services website. We market our Members directly to consumers seeing eldercare information, products and services on the Bay Area’s Premier ElderCare Resource site. Our team uses search engine optimization, video marketing, blogs and social media to connect local consumers to our members.

I’m already advertising with Google, so why do I need to also be part of ECR Bay Area?

That’s great that you know more and more consumers are searching online for local businesses. If you’re trying to reach LOCAL consumers online, then a targeted audience like this is where you need to be. And on ElderCare Resources® Bay Area, you’ll be marketing EXCLUSIVELY to seniors, caregivers and health industry personnel. The site is designed with extremely useful eldercare information and tools to draw new and returning visitors to the site.

How does the site attract visitors?

Our team of experts has experience in the senior care industry and our statistics show that we do quite well. SEO or “search engine optimization” is a very short way to describe a myriad of activities. We not only optimize the site for hundreds of keywords and keyword phrases, but we also optimize company profiles, articles, blogs and videos. Also, by marketing with other elder services on the same elder resource site helps to reach clients you may never have met on your own.

Why should I become a member with the ECR Bay Area website?

Are you tired of spending money on advertising where you don’t see results? The ECR Bay Area site delivers a highly valuable and targeted audience of consumers seeking products, services and information for themselves or a loved one. We can show you how many impressions, clicks and overall results come from nearly 90% of online adults that have used the Internet for healthcare information.

We have researched the market extensively and have invested a great deal of money and time in developing the site. There is a need for an exclusive ElderCare Resources site in the Bay Area. If you are trying to reach new customers online, then a targeted audience like this is where you need to be. We are experienced marketers and understand just how difficult and expensive it is for businesses to reach this specific target audience online. We have created an opportunity for our Members to leverage many of the same online marketing services many companies charge hundreds of dollars a month…all for about $3 a day!

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