Lower Any Fall Risk With One Action

Lower Any Fall Risk With One Action

Posted on December 5, 2014 by ecrBayArea in Fall Prevention

Author: Vanessa Kettler, Building Better Balance

Falls happen all the time for so many reasons. Falls are prevented by lowering your fall associated risk. That means making your environment safer, learning to make sensible choices, determining why you fell and doing something about it, among other things. But there is 1 choice that makes all those risky circumstances much less formidable.

Super-Duper Fall Prevention:
Studies show that taking the single action of exercising regularly will exponentially reduce the risk of falls. Here is a perfect example: one of my students was entering an unfamiliar home. The sun was in her eyes and she could not see that there was a drop off living room. She stepped into the abyss and not only did not fall but she did not even injure herself. She attributes this success to taking my balance classes. If you take balance classes consistently, your body is more likely to react to problem situations by not collapsing, tripping or getting disoriented.

When you get right down to it, many falls happen because of something we could not have foreseen. And countless others happen because of something foolish that we did. In spite of all our preparations we often do things we know we shouldn’t do but forget about in the heat of the moment. If we take the time to improve our balance, we are much more likely to be able to navigate safely in hazardous circumstances.