What is Home Care?

Posted on August 27, 2013 by ecrBayArea in Home Care Non-Medical

Submitted by Robert Nations, Senior Helpers North BayWebsite

The term “Home Care” can be confusing and overwhelming for families. There are actually two types of home care:

  • Home Care Services – Acute in-home medical care for a specific event and a limited time. This type of care is preformed by a licensed skilled care professional i.e. Nurse, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, etc. These services typically qualify for medicare, or MediCal funds.
  • Non-Medical In-Home Care – These services are ongoing and are usually customized to the needs of the person. This care includes Companion Care (House Keeping, Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping and Errands) and Personal Care (Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring). These services are usually paid for by long term insurance, veterans benefits, or private pay.

You may find some Home Care companies can provide both types of care. At Senior Helpers, we provide non-medical in-home care. However, we work very closely with Home Care Services companies to provide both types of services.

Is Home Care only for old people?
People of all ages are eligible for home care. In fact, older patients aren’t the only people receiving care; mothers and babies receive services. In addition, home care may be necessary for a variety of life altering situations such as car accidents, unanticipated illnesses, or other mishaps.

Is the quality of care provided at home inferior compared to institutionalized care?
Laura Jones, RN for Senior Helpers North Bay explains this isn’t true, “we prepare our caregiver to be ready for variety of situations”. Our caregivers don’t have others to rely on in a private home, they need to be very well versed since they’re on their own inside a home. Laura points out “Our training prepares them for all kinds of situations.”

Can Home Care find ways to solve problems?

Senior Helpers North Bay finds ways to solve the problem. We determine the client’s needs and finds resources to meet the needs. We have had clients that needed to move or sell a car, we don’t do either. However, we find qualified resources to make the move and/or sell the car.

Is Home Care an alternative to other care options such as a hospital or nursing home?

Actually, home care provided by professional caregivers often supplements other care arrangements (like Home Care Services) and helps ensure patients receive the care they need and deserve. Instead of viewing home care as a replacement for other care arrangements, it is about meeting people’s needs and wants regardless of where or when services are provided or who else is involved in the care process.

Is Home Care only for wealthy people?

Peter Ross, CEO and co-founder of Senior Helpers, says there are actually many ways for seniors to afford quality home care. “With new programs such as reverse mortgages, VA benefits, long-term care insurance, many more families are able to afford quality home care for their loved one.”